Vacation in progress

vacation in progress_w

DaD DESIGN “Summertime Cottage” @Fameshed
DaD – Blowing Curtain @Fameshed
Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Two Arms I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Palm Pillow @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Blue Pillow @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Left Arm I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Middle I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Right Arm I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Mod Table I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Succulent Bowl I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Mod Lantern I @Summerfest
Fancy Decor: Outdoor Rug I @Summerfest
BIGBULLY Candles In A Box – Silver
dust bunny . areca palm plant @Fameshed
dust bunny . pink medinilla plant @Fameshed
dust bunny . potted rubber tree @Fameshed
dust bunny . pilea peper plant @Fameshed
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . potted palm
dust bunny . hammock chair . medium
{what next} Oasis Bloom – Tall Cactus Planter
JIAN :: Kitty Shark Bed (group gift)
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static @Summerfest
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Sandals Clutter – Single Pair v1 @Summerfest
+Half-Deer+ Bubble Brigade Crab – Rainbow – More Bubbles @Summerfest
Kalopsia – Polly’s Stripes Rug @Summerfest
Kalopsia – Polly’s Watermelon Punch @Summerfest
dust bunny . coconut drink
SAYO – Viva Lounge Set – Tropical Fruit
~BAZAR~ Paris – Books
Second Spaces – beach day – pale skin @Summerfest
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter – Offside Bra @Summerfest
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter –  Floor Thong @Summerfest
Sway’s [Sandia] Beach Bag
*HEXtraordinary* Sea Turtle – Beach Roamer
[-BLUE SKY-] Wall Surfboard – Turtles @Summerfest
+Half-Deer+ Sandy Tracks – Sand Patch


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