Crazy roommates

Crazy roommates_w

Catwa head Kathy
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Insol: Face ‘Daria’ -ST03 ‘Peach’
IKON Spectral Eyes – Passion
TRUTH HAIR Betsy – black & whites
*CK* Little kitty pyjama
BUENO-Stone Skybox RARE @Arcade
floorplan. too glam print
Birdy. Shabby Cats – Heart! – B & G [box]
21strom Free Cat
.Bee Designs:. Adorable seat – Kitten
{what next} Snake Plant (stand)
!gO! Love my doll – Stroller w/o doll – Rose
MOoH! PJ cat Fur conditioner
MOoH! PJ cat hand mirror
MadPea We’re All Mad Here Pillow Purple
Birdy. Shabby Cats – Hug-A-Bear – Brown 1
.random.Matter. – Lazy Day – Take Away
*HEXtraordinary* Baby Slider Turtle Wanderer
.random.Matter. – Lazy Day – Pizza
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket
Siamese Cat Sitting
MOoH! PJ Cat Lipstick
Second Spaces – Lazy Day food supplies
PILOT – Phone w/ Earbuds @Arcade
Mutresse-Massage-Witty Cats
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Wine Duet
Mutresse-In heat-Witty Cats
O.M.E.N – Dog Park Day – Fruit Kebabs GIFT
O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Paci Kitty – Siamese
Birdy. Shabby Cats – Basket-o-Kitties – Med 1
MOoH! PJ cats Vanity mirror
MOoH! PJ Cats couch Black RARE
The Loft – Vintage Laundry [Arcade] – Drying Rack – RARE
The Loft – Vintage Laundry [Arcade] – Hanger Decor
haiiro.washing machine
Birdy. Shabby Cats – Luggage – Light 1
[Merak] – Cabinet (Type 1) @Deco(c)rate May 2017
[Merak] – Stove Blue
[Merak] – Kitchen Island
Kalopsia – Juliette’s Take Out Bags @Arcade
MishMish – Kitties go to market – Veggies
MishMish – Kitties go to market – Cat Food

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