Moments at home



DaD DESIGN “The NewOld Cabin” (@ 6th Republic)
~BAZAR~ Holland Windmill house (@ 6th Republic)
7 Emporium – Hanging Ticket Sign, Portable TV (@ 6th Republic)
Serenity Style– Senzation’s Bakery Tompouces, Take and go box (@ 6th Republic)
Toiz. milk can, windmill (@ 6th Republic)
Eudora 3D – Plant (@ 6th Republic)
ionic : la cocina del pueblo set – cooker RARE , madera para el frio, leche en botellas, el banquito del pueblo, flan de huevo, ravioles de ricota, la mesa del pueblo, leche con rosquillas, provisiones para el invierno,
Ionic – The counry yard set – Antique chair {ivory}, Antique chair {wood}, Vintage cart, Antique recycled windows {wooden}, Piled drawers, collection of images,
CHEZ MOI – Bucket Flowers, Wall Blackboard (from industrial kitchecn set)
[Schultz Bros.] Rustic Entryway – Rainy Day (@ Deco(c)rate)
[Schultz Bros.] 02. Dam Canal House RARE, 09. Dam Kitchenette, 08. Dam Living Room, Dam Mother Doll, Dam Father Doll, Dam Child Doll (@ 6th Republic)
Serenity Style– Rust Old Car, Puffy Bunny

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