Where the light is dancing


Presenting first post with amazing items from Deco(c)rate. If you want to get crate for November, you can buy it for full price in Headquater kiosks. As well as you can order your crate for December.


Kensington Gazebo by Ex Machina for Deco(c)rate
“secret garden” ROSE by anc Ltd
Fantasy grass “Breathing” bloom by anc Ltd
In the rain drop lamps ground and flowing (clean, gold, water) by anc Ltd for Deco(c)rate
Still falling rowan arch, leafs groundcover, blow me away rowan leaves by Keke for Deco(c)rate
Umbrella Light by Botanical for Deco(c)rate
Book of Sorrows by Random Matter for Deco(c)rate
No Place of Ours – Autumnal by 8f8 for Deco(c)rate
Charmed Fence C // Dark by Raven Wood for Deco(c)rate

Dwarf forest by alirium
Trees by Skye


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