Catch a train



BALACLAVA!! Backyard Shed, Beer Kegerator,Beer Kegs, Wine Crates and Wine boxes, Beer glasses on kegerator, Wine bottle, Storage rack, Australia tapestry (@ 6th Republic)
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – Hanging Tyres, Yellow traffic ligh sign, Do not give up sign, One way sign, Coffee tables smaller and bigger, Open back white RARE, Front blue and red, Tyre plant (@ 6th Republic)
MadPea Dinkum Dingo Diner set – Croc Burger Platter, Full Schooner Glass, Full Pint Glass, Diner Menu, Ausstrivia, Wombat Crossing, Kangaroo Crossing (@ 6th Republic)
.UNTITLED. DJ set – Vinyl open box, Turntable – black (@ 6th Republic)
REKT Reppin Stralia Gacha – Didgeridoo Red and Black, Boomerangs Decor (@ 6th Republic)
Toro. Melbourne Glue Gastrobar – Corndog, Crate full of glasses of Beer, Draft Beer Neon Sign (@ 6th Republic)
Traveler Bag by Ionic and Dust Bunny

On background

Ten Thousand & Co. – Station B RARE, Station A, Train Home Long BLK/RED RARE, Railroad cross sign, Coffee shop sign (@ 6th Republic)

Behind tapestry is visible Soy. Waterline Forts walls (@ 6th Republic)

Trees and grass and patch
Stormwood: Tuscan Paving Stone
Little branch (honey mesquite, thorn tree)
Skye (wildgrass, twisted trees)
we´re closed (shrubs)
Landforms by Skye
Texture own


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