Traveler´s home



Vestry Industrial Chair by NewChurch (@ Cosmopolitan)
Tribeca industrial coffee table by NewChurch (@ Cosmopolitan)
Gemma Leather sofa by NewChurch
Antique rug by RASP
Clothes on floor by Haikei
Paper pile, stacked magazines by Tres Blah
Brandy glasses by Kunst
White Iris, suitcases, Elderflower Cordial, dollhouse, hatbox, birch logs, tripod camera by Apple fall
Vintage ski by Soy
Ski poles, Old Window Key-holder by zerkalo
Hat by David Heater
Paper balls by Sorgo
Stone fireplace by CCD (@ Cosmopolitan)
Log bucket by junk
Zink tryas with flowers by keke
Vintage frames by Dust bunny and AptB
Flower in bottle by NOMAD
Earth, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon by Bauwerk
Babybreath vase by Dust bunny
White room by Toiz
Framed fossils by Consignment


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