Gardenia shed by Dust bunny
Witch Mist and witch Jenka by !gO! (Shiny Shabby)
Bruja table by Ionic (@ LOST&FOUND)
Toy horse by dust bunny
Rust old car, puffy bunny by Serenity Style
Apple sign, hanging leaves by Kalopsia

Vine, Vine frames, pots, curtains by Lagom
Fallen leaves by PLAAKA

By Ionic Decorations on table and shelves (Buterflies in dome, Antique Candle holder, Black candelabrum, Ritual White Candle, Orrery, Mushrooms Pot, Mushrooms for cooking, Cauldron, Botanical & Alchemy Arts, Ancient open book, Mortar & Herbs, Galileo’s telescope, Ancient Vane, Forest Potion, Red Candelabrum, Ancient book, Ancient Blood Samples, Magic flowers, Botanical Scissors) from gatcha sets Brujas and Alquima


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