Give me a try

Give me a try.jpg
On both pictures Emi catwa applier by Birth (@ Cosmopolitan) worn on Amelia
On Picture 1
Hair by tram
Loren top (navy) and Loren pants (beige) by Elegance boutique (@ Cosmopolitan)
Fione tattoo by AuriciaStore (@ Cosmopolitan)
Pose Beau monde by Di´s opera (@ Cosmopolitan)

On picture 2
No Word hair by no.match (@ Cosmopolitan)
Loren mini dress (Ivory) and Loren vest (black) by Asteria (@ Cosmopolitan)
Lika necklace and earrings by ChicChica (@ Cosmopolitan)
Tight choker by Aubrey (@ Cosmopolitan)
Pose Beau monde 1 by Di´s opera (@ Cosmopolitan)

Plant by Aria (@Kustom)
Hanging hedera by Soy
Bicycle by Haikei
Guitar by Apple fall
Leaves by Kalopsia
Backgrounds by Diamandis (@Shiny Shabby)


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