Everybody´s watching me

First time i decided to write also something. Very unusual 🙂

I think everybody knows that feeling as everybody around should watching just himself. Keeping eyes on all his decisions, all his next step.
Then you feel pressure to make things right. To dont dissapoint their expectations. Because you feel as they thinking about you as about adult person, about somebody who whould know what to do. It making things even worse.
But good thing is.. Everybody other have his own worries what exactly you thinking about him, so he dont bothering himself to thinking about you or watching what you doing.

Next good thing is .. Everybody have right to make own mistakes. So really, dont be stressed to make everything right. Successes and faults are things what creating us. If nobody make mistake, then we all are like robots. Everything would be so same, uniform, boring.

So my advice is … Dont taking things too seriously. Our mistakes are part of us. We can just accept them, learning from them and next time trying to find different way to make things. It is enrichment for our intellect at least 🙂
Also your mistakes are only yours, you live your life, no other people, so try to stop thinking about “Oh my god, what she/he will think about me…” It will not help. If you want to make things right, then do it for yourself, not for others.


Enough said:)
Everybody watching me.jpg

On picture
Hair: VALLANI. Taylor Hair
Swimsuit: EVIE. – Sara Swimsuit (@Tres Chic)
Nails: IP Nails Mega pack (@Pose lover & Friends)
Pose: [ILAYA] Editha Pose Pack  7~12 (@ Pose lover & Friends)

Kalopsia – Aero Flying  Paper


2 thoughts on “Everybody´s watching me

  1. Well said! If only we all cared less about what others think or say about us and focused on really important things. Like, what we think of ourselves! Nice post hun ♡


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