Whatever… I am home!

Whatever, Im home.jpg

CCDesign – Cube shelf
CCDesign – Potted Snake Plant, Potted Zebra Plant, Potted Croton Plant (@ Cosmopolitan)
Toro. Tropical plant
{Unwind} – Hanging Bulb
Soy. Vintage Ski [Red Brown]
Soy. Turntable [Aged Black]
Soy. Messy Beer Cans
Soy. Reed Mini Mat – Dark
junk. retro sports tee wall cushion
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Schadenfreude Light Mossy Standing Stones
7 emporium – State Hospital Sign
Bazar – Stockholm-Bedroom Lamp
Fancy Decor: Rusty Gears
NOMAD // Terminal Wall Clock
NOMAD // Concrete Haus (@C88)
NOMAD // Concrete Recliners (as gift @C88)
NOMAD // Concrete Table (as gift @C88)

Projector Fiat LUX


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